Slip and Fall Accidents in Georgia

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A slip and fall accident can occur when an individual falls on a premises owned by another person or company.

Liability arises in a slip and fall, or trip and fall case from the property owner’s failure to maintain the premises and the approaches to the premises in a safe manner.

Reasons a property owner may be held liable for a slip and fall or trip and fall include:

  • Foreign objects in walkways on the floor
  • Failure to adequately repair property
  • Failure to use signage regarding repairs and maintenance on property
  • Failure to warn of dangers on property
  • Failure to remove or improperly removing ice, snow or water.

“According to the National Floor Safety Institute there are over 1 million emergency room visits annually due to slip and fall accidents.”

Injuries from a slip and fall accidents can take time to fully show. Be sure you receive medical attention for any injuries you experience with a slip and fall accident.

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