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With more than 65 years of combined experience and millions of compensation dollars secured in Georgia judgments, verdicts and settlements, our Atlanta personal injury attorneys are deeply knowledgeable in a variety of practice areas.

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The aftermath of an auto accident doesn’t stop at property damage. From serious injuries to medical expenses or even wrongful death, collisions take a toll on victims in more ways than one.

Whether your case is heard in a courtroom or settled out of court, our personal injury attorneys will help you obtain the money you’re entitled to receive under Georgia law. Your recovery will include restitution for pain and suffering, lost wages, reasonable medical bills and other economic damages related to your automobile wreck.

No amount of compensation can replace a loved one who was killed as a result of an individual or company’s negligent, deliberate or careless actions. However, justice should still be served and compensatory and/or punitive damages paid.

Have you, a loved one or a family member been injured in a motorcycle wreck? From serious injuries to emotional challenges and medical expenses, these incidents can have a lasting impact on the quality of life for motorcycle accident victims.

At Wheeler & Watson, PC, we have extensive experience handling motorcycle accident cases and securing fair compensation for motorcyclists. Both members of our personal injury team are avid bikers, so we understand the risks and the dynamics of riding through heavy Atlanta traffic.

The devastating consequences of drunk driving cannot be overstated. While many automobile wrecks are in fact accidents, a collision caused by a driver under the influence of alcohol is a direct result of their decision to endanger lives.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed because of an impaired or drunk driver, know this: our legal team is here to do right by you – fighting for justice every step of the way.

Insurance companies are obligated to respond to claims in a reasonable and timely manner. However, when accidents occur and people need their insurance to help, the companies don’t always respond as they should.

If your insurance company has failed to pay out in your time of need, our bad faith insurance attorneys can help with legal advice, one-on-one case attention and a dedication to securing the case results and compensation you deserve.

You don’t have to be knocked unconscious or visibly injured to suffer a brain injury. If you, a family member or a loved one were recently involved in an accident and experienced any level of head trauma, you may have sustained brain damage.

When large trucks and passenger vehicles share the road, unfortunate accidents sometimes occur. These wrecks can result in serious injuries and in some cases, even death.

As Fulton, Dekalb and Cobb counties are home to some of the busiest roadways in Georgia, they are also sadly the setting of some of the worst truck wrecks. If you, a family member or a loved one have been impacted by one, it’s important to consult an attorney who specializes in tractor-trailer accidents. These cases can be difficult to resolve, as trucking companies and their drivers must comply with a variety of complex federal and state trucking regulations, in addition to state traffic laws, which often leave individual victims at a loss as to what to do in the case of an accident.

The last thing you’d expect – or hope for – when setting out for a bike ride is getting hit by another motorist. However, despite the growth of Atlanta bike routes like the BeltLine and Silver Comet Trail, Georgia roads can be extremely dangerous for cyclists.

Thankfully, our state grants bicycle crash victims the right to recover damages for pain and suffering, medical bills and lost income due to injuries caused by negligent driving. If you, a loved one or a family member has been injured or wrongfully killed in a bike accident, our attorneys are here to support you with one-on-one attention and a dedication to your best possible outcomes.

Georgia law requires commercial and residential property owners to comply with a series of safety standards for individuals invited onto their premises. When these standards are not met, people are at risk.

Hazards may include operational flaws like elevator malfunctions, or security concerns (e.g., inadequate lighting around the property). The responsibility to keep premises in a reasonably safe condition for invitees also extends to the maintenance and accessibility of structures. Premise owners must keep parking lots, stairways, ramps, entryways and porches in a safe condition for use by visitors.

A slip and fall or trip and fall accident occurs when someone falls as a result of poorly maintained premises owned by another person or company. From slippery floors to loose or faulty equipment, inadequate upkeep can cause serious injuries or in some cases, wrongful death.

When you are no longer able to work as a result of a disabling condition, Social Security insurance (SSI) may be your only lifeline. However, getting the help you need can be a long, confusing process.

At Wheeler & Watson, PC, our personal injury attorneys have experience navigating this complex system and getting clients the compensation they deserve. Contact our law firm to see how we can help you obtain Social Security disability benefits with compassion, skill and integrity.

If you are a guest or customer at a public facility, it’s not only common courtesy that safe premises are maintained: it’s the law.

When safety is overlooked at places like grocery stores, shopping centers, or apartment complexes, bad things can happen to good people.

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